Frequently Asked Questions



1. How to earn money on Makeculous?

A detailed explanation to learn how to make money on Makeculous is given here - How to earn money on Makeculous.


2. What is Makeculous?

Makeculous is an online rewarding website that helps the internet users to earn money using their internet connected device(s) including smartphones.


3. Ways to earn money with Makeculous?

You can earn money on Makeculous by completing surveys, offers, tasks, watching videos, referring your friends and more. Tons of offers are updated daily to help you to earn money.


4. Is it free to join Makeculous?

Yes, it is 100% free to join Makeculous.


5. Are there any restrictions?

Yes, only one member per IP can join Makeculous.




6. What are the payment methods available to withdraw earnings?

PayPal and Bitcoin. 


7. What is the minimum payout?



8. What are points?

Points are virtual currencies which can be exchanged/redeemed for cash. 


9. What is the value of one point?

1 point = $0.001 or 1000 points = $1.


10. What is points locking?

If the points rewarded for the offer completion is above 1000 points, it will be locked for a period of 30 days before it is credited to your account.


Payments delay:


11. Why are payments delayed?

The main reason for payment delay is account review. We want to run the program only for the genuine users. Since spammers are everywhere on the internet, it's our responsibility to identify the spammers, eliminate to maintain the program stable. Our system is designed to automatically find spammers and ban their account.

But, whenever a user requests to withdraw their earnings, the associated account will be carefully reviewed manually in several steps and if something is found fishy, the payment will be delayed until we receive the reversal report from the advertisers. If there is any cheating found, the payment will be canceled and the specific offers completed by cheating will be reversed. The user should request to withdraw again to receive the payments.

While reviewing if the user account is found spamming/cheating continuously, their account will be banned immediately and the earnings will be returned to the advertisers.

So, try to be genuine and get your earnings ASAP!


12. Reasons for delay in payment:

Cheating, spamming, actions beyond possibilities, violation of TOS, advertiser complaint on the users, etc.


13. How we maintain a clean ecosystem by reviewing accounts?

We don't want Makeculous to collapse by making instant payments. By reviewing the payment requests carefully, we try to eliminate spammers that advertisers hate. By the way, we create a perfect ecosystem between the members and the advertisers.




14. How much can I earn from referrals?

You can earn 10% referral commission. 



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