Terms of Service

The terms of service listed below apply to the users of Makeculous. You must read, understand the terms & conditions to register and use this website.
1. General terms:
1.1. You must be 13+ year old to register and use this website.
1.2. You can register/join Makeculous from any country.
1.3. You must provide true information to use this website. This applies to the following process - registration, support, action on offers. 
1.4. You must create only one account per household. Creating multiple accounts will result in account suspension. 
1.5. You must not create multiple accounts on Makeculous using a different email address.
1.6. You must not use a proxy, VPN or a shared connection to log into your account.
2. User account:
2.1. You may not sell, transfer, rent your Makeculous account.
2.2. You may not share your account details third-party to protect your account from hacking. 
2.3. You must set a strong password to protect your account from being hacked.
2.4. You may set a secondary password to increase your account security. 
2.5. Members are not allowed to share the same payment account(s).
2.6. You must not log in from a different country and can use Makeculous only where you've registered.
2.7. You must not attempt to mask your IP address to use this website.
3. Forum rules:
3.1. You must abide by the following forum rules. 
3.2. You must use forum without offending the staffs and other users.
3.3. You must not Spam the forum with the post(s) and topic(s) not related to this website.
3.4. You must not post the link(s) to external websites unless it is necessary.
3.5. You must not promote your website/blog, social media or similar on the forum.
3.6. You must not use the forum to get referrals, money offers, exchange, request for service.  
3.7. You must not post any illegal content, adult content, offensive content.
3.8. You might be warned or your account will be suspended for violating forum rules.
4. Referrals:
4.1. You may use your referral link to refer people to earn 10% referral commission.
4.2. You may not refer yourself using your referral link in order to earn the commission.
4.3. There is no limit on the number of referral. Refer as many people you want.  
4.4. You must not post your referral link on auto surf site(s), site(s) that generate bot traffic.
4.5. You are advised not to use referral(s) selling websites or similar services.
4.6. You must not send unsolicited emails, use spamming, blackhat techniques to make referrals.
4.7. You may not make false promises to refer people to this site.
4.8. The members cannot able to change their sponsors/referrers at any cause.
5. Offers & Tasks:
5.1. You must fill true information while doing offers. Completing offers with invalid information will lead to suspension.
5.2. You may not complete the same offers in more than one Offerwalls.
5.3. You must read the instructions carefully before starting to take offers and tasks.
5.4. You must be aware that third party advertisers have their own policies.
5.5. Makeculous uses the automatic tracking system to track offer completion. So any cheating attempt to misuse will be immediately caught.
5.6. Makeculous do not manually credit on offers if our automatic system doesn't track the offer completion.
5.7. You must contact the Offerwall support directly if you're not credited for an offer completion.
5.8. Makeculous may change/adjust the rates of the offers and tasks anytime without prior notification.
5.9. Reversal of sale based offers will lead to account suspension.
6. Virtual currency:
6.1. Makeculous rewards virtual currency - points while completing offers.
6.2. You may redeem points for cash in United States dollar(USD).
6.3. The exchange rate of points, 1000 points = $1 or 1 point = $0.001.
6.4. Completion of the offer(s) that credits over 1000 points will be locked for 30 days.
6.5. Points that are locked will be automatically added to your account after the 30th day.
6.6. Points locking is enabled on Makeculous to protect the system from spammers.
6.7. During the points locking period, the points earned by cheating will be reversed by the advertisers.
6.8. When redeemed, the points will be added to the main balance which can be cashed out as per payment terms.
7. Payment terms:
7.1. The member(s) earnings will be paid using PayPal, Payza, and Bitcoin.
7.2. You must have verified PayPal or verified Payza account to receive payments.
7.3. Submitting unverified PayPal or unverified Payza account will lead to account suspension.
7.4. Your name should exactly match the name on the payment processor(s).
7.5. Your payment email ID should match the account email address.
7.6. You may not refund or reverse the payment sent by Makeculous. Doing so will lead to account suspension.
7.7. The members are free to choose their preferred payment methods.
7.8. The PayPal payment is not available to the Indian members (or) members using PayPal India account. However, they can use the alternate payment processors to withdraw the earnings.
7.9. The minimum payout for the PayPal and Payza is $10. While the minimum payout for Bitcoin will vary every time because the price of the bitcoin is highly volatile.  
7.10. Makeculous may add and remove Bitcoin payment processor anytime without prior notification.
7.11. Makeculous may cancel the pending bitcoin payment and reverse the funds to your account during market instability. 
7.12. Makeculous do not charge any transaction fees. However, the payment processors might charge fees to complete transactions.
7.13. Miner fees might be charged for Bitcoin payments. We do not charge any fees for Bitcoin transactions.
7.14. You have the sole responsibilities for the payment details in your account. Makeculous will not be responsible for any consequences.
7.15. Two or more members cannot use the same payment details. Our system will automatically suspend the accounts.
7.16. Makeculous reserve full rights to cancel the payment of the member(s) who violate the site terms of service.
7.1. Refund Policy:
7.1.1. Since you cannot deposit money on Makeculous, the refund does not apply. Makeculous only send payment(s) and do not receive payment(s).
8. Account suspension:
8.1. Your account will be suspended immediately if you violate any terms of Makeculous. Additionally,
8.2. You may be warned or your account will be suspended if you try to spam the forum or chat box.
8.3. Using filthy words to offend other users in forum and chat box will lead to account suspension.
8.3. Your account will be suspended if you try to cheat the system or assist other to cheat the system to earn money.
8.4. Your account will be automatically suspended if you try/attempt to hack the system.
8.5. Any actions or attempt that affects the stability of Makeculous or its advertisers will lead to account suspension.
8.6. Your account will be suspended if your account details are found to be fake.
8.7. Posting referral link on spam source(s), spam content, false content will be considered as a violation. We may warn you or suspend your account immediately.
8.8. Makeculous do not or never suspend or terminate the account of the loyal member(s).
8.9. Makeculous may or may not specify the exact reason for the account suspension and any main balance, points, referrals of the suspended account will be forfeited.
9. Limitations of liability:
9.1. Makeculous will not be liable to you in relation to the content of, service of, use of, or otherwise in connection with this website. 
9.2. Makeculous will not be held responsible for taxes for the payment(s) you receive from us. You're responsible for the taxes for the payment you receive from Makeculous. 
9.3. Makeculous may alter or change the terms of service anytime with or without prior notification. It's your responsibility to be updated with the terms.
9.4. Makeculous may not be able to respond, pay, take actions on time during the natural disaster. 
You must accept and follow the terms and conditions of Makeculous to use its service(s).

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